Social media is a big thing these days and most companies use it to help with promotion. It is rather like setting up a website though, you cannot just open an account and expect to get followers you will need to work on promoting it. The things that you need to do to promote the social media account could be very different though to what you will need to do for a website or blog.

To start with you will need to start using social media frequently. You will not get followers, or items liked or shared if you do not have interesting things there. It is worth making sure that the content your post is very relevant to your customers. Ensure that you think about what they will like and respond to. If they find it is irrelevant they will not interact and they may even disengage completely.

You may need to start this by imagining what your typical follower will be like. Consider what you expect them to be interested in and make sure that you publish content relevant to this. You can do all sorts of things and it can be good to mix it up. Post links to blogs, videos, pictures, put comments, discussion points and even polls to get people engaged and involved. If you can encourage them to respond, by liking and commenting this will help and even better if they share. The more interaction your posts get, the more likely they are to appear on social media. This is because your posts may not appear to every person that is following you, but the more interaction you get, the more likely they will appear.

Another tip is to be interactive yourself. You want to encourage people to comment, like and share things that you post and it is therefore important that you show that you are grateful for that, so if you someone sharing, go to that destination and thank them for doing so. If people comment respond and answer questions and queries. Also do not rise to negativity. If people have negative comments, then it can be good to try to respond positively to them but do not get involved in arguments or trolling and never react to an insult with an insult. It is also important to not take negative comments too personally. If you can build up relationships with those that are following you then they will be more loyal and hopefully supportive as well.

Some companies try to encourage people to like and share posts by running competitions for most shares. These are sometimes against the rules of some social media platforms so you need to check this out first and it can be seen as a cheap way to get some free advertising, so be careful whether you think that this is the right tactic for your audience.

If you are using several different social media platforms then make sure they are consistent. This means that it is important to make sure that you have the same logo and possibly link accounts so that information is the same between them. Although you will need to consider that different things may be suitable for different platforms.

It is worth considering whether you need an email list. You can ask followers to sign up to it so that you can contact them by email if you want to send them information. Think about whether this might be something that would be relevant to your business.

It is also worth thinking about what you hope to achieve form your social media page. If you want people to visit your website, then make sure that they are encouraged to do so. If you want them to buy a product, then direct them towards it. Make sure that you focus on what you want to achieve. Obviously you do not want to be all about the selling, but it is no good getting lots of followers, sending them fun posts but them never going to buy anything form you or visiting your website as you will just waste a lot of time.

Advertising is always something worth considering. It is possible to advertise within social media to encourage people to look at your page and possibly follow you. If you have advertising budget then think about whether you should assign some of this to social media. Look at the prices and options and see whether it will be the right thing for you. Look at how the advertising can be targeted and think about whether it is specific enough for you to be able to benefit from it.

Lastly, if you have a person social media page, make sure that you only link it together with your business one if the posts are appropriate. If there si a way that followers will be able to know who you are and find your personal account, ensure that the things that you put on it are not going to put them off you!