A Inspirational Coffee Web Design Showcase

Nothing helps you make your day better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee performed much better and at the same time their memory, attention, perception and reasoning also improved. There are numerous coffee houses, cafes, and suppliers around the world who are dedicated in giving you […]

22 Amazing and Cool Sticky Notes Designs

Sticky Notes is a Microsoft Windows application for taking notes and writing down important meeting and time so that you do not forget them. Your office is probably full of sticky notes everywhere reminding you to do this and that. Modern sticky notes come in all shapes and sizes. This […]

A Collection of Yummy Food Inspired Web Designs

The food industry is among the biggest market niches in the world. Food related websites are always inspiring. Elegant layouts and beautiful images are pretty common to this kind of site. Even though the taste of the food doesn’t transform onto a website your web design should still look appealing […]

17 Remarkable iPhone App Website Designs

Popular iPhone apps can make a lot of money for their owners whether it is directly (through app sales) or indirectly (with free apps). iPhone App websites are always a good source of inspiration. They are, most of the time, beautifully designed and showcase some really interesting apps. It seems […]