A Inspirational Coffee Web Design Showcase

Nothing helps you make your day better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee performed much better and at the same time their memory, attention, perception and reasoning also improved. There are numerous coffee houses, cafes, and suppliers around the world who are dedicated in giving you […]

A Showcase of Free Portfolio Slider WordPress Widgets

Sliders for WordPress is a tool that adds the option of changing the pages with the help of tabs or automatically. WordPress Slider widget plugins provide a number of easy-to-use ways to create extremely elegant sliders for the sites which are powered by WordPress. eCommerce stores can really benefit from […]

10 Awesome Free Progress Bar Plugins for WordPress

Progress or loading bar is something that indicates the status of the current activity or download. Having an interesting design for progress or loading bar makes them look eye catching and help in keeping the interest of your visitors. Here are some beautiful progress bars free WordPress plugins, ones which […]